Manuscript correction

Correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, word order and vocabulary. Unnatural sentences will be edited to sound more natural in English. Other problems will be indicated by adding a relevant comment, e.g. missing text, duplicated text, unclear meaning, translation problems, poor style, faulty data.

Comprehensive editing

Includes the services described above for manuscript correction, and additionally:
  • Improved style
  • Re-writing problematic sentences
  • Improvement of headings and sub-headings
  • Consistency and correctness of technical terminology and abbreviations
  • Compliance with exact requirements of the targeted journal
  • Missing definitions for abbreviations provided
  • Suggestions for linguistic improvements to manuscript
  • Suggestions for improvements of scientific aspects of the manuscript, including statistics
  • Full check of reference list (if required)
  • Ongoing correspondence with author(s) and/or journal editor
  • Provision of a certificate of manuscript correction by a native speaker

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