About me

In 1994 I graduated from Oxford University with a 2.1 in biological sciences.

After working within science for a few years, I trained as a teacher of English as a foreign language. I worked as an English teacher in Istanbul and Poland, then for three years I was an in-house editor for Ernst & Young Poland and its associated law firm DZP.

In 2005 I began working as a freelance biomedical editor. I established cooperation with several publishing houses, translation companies, universities, medical centres, practising physicians and scientific researchers. I became the English language consultant, editor and proofreader for numerous prominent journals within medicine and the life sciences.

In 2007 I founded the translation and editing agency AngloPolonia, providing Polish to English translation services in cooperation with freelance translators and editors. Much of the work has been in the fields of medicine and biology, including translations of many medical articles and several full-length books.

To date, I have edited several thousand science articles, as well as books and other scientific literature.

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Contact me at richard.ashcroft@anglopolonia.com